The only thing I love more than local beers is unique food. As local breweries come out with their take on different styles of beer, it’s only right you have food just as unique.

The 2012 Beer Festival at Houston City Club had the majority of local brewers with an appropriately paired chef prepared grub. Along with them were a handful of up-and-coming breweries to talk about their new business ventures. Held on a Thursday night, a variety of beer lovers came to listen to speakers from each company, win prizes, and have a great time. Speakers spoke about their breweries and and gave away gift packs of swag, and there was a lot of fun to be had.

Local Breweries that attended were:


Wine and cheese pairings have gone the way of the Dodo; the Beer Festival at the Houston City Club proves that a new era of craft beers and culinary mash-ups is in full-swing, bringing a new dimension to our lucky, little pallets. My next date won’t be a wine-and-dine, but rather beer and experimentation (Did that sound dirty? Good.)

Check out the rest of the pictures below, and see what you missed out on!

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David Huynh