When I initially learned about the White Linen Nights in the Heights annual event, my thoughts turned to the Hamptons and their lavish, summer parties.  “Too posh for me,” I thought.  I could not, however, have been more wrong.  People of all ages took to the streets, enjoying the event’s charming art, delicious food trucks, local music, and awesome charities in a laid back atmosphere that smelled pleasantly of cigars thanks the Heights Cigar Lounge.  White Linen Nights in the Heights takes place over an area 18 streets long and 10 streets wide on closed streets, and in art exhibits, antique stores, bars, and other local businesses in the Heights area.  Hella Soul was lucky enough to attend this year, and I have to say, we all felt quite jovial in our white attire.

Our first stop was at the unique Frank Thompson Studio’s booth.  A glass artist, Thompson prides himself in the sheer accident of his newest artistic endeavor, namely his fused gallery art.  “[My fused glass art] was an accident,” Thompson explains.  “I just make big jewelry.”  Apparently the materials he uses are the same used in women’s jewelry.  His art caught my eye immediately; it was very unique looking, and in some cases abstract.  Fused gallery art is not all that Thompson offers, however; he creates faceted glass, stained glass, glass cross, and door art.  He even spends some of his time teaching others his art techniques.

Next, we stumbled upon Skim to Live’s demonstration area.  This non-profit organization is one comprised of young breast cancer advocates with a passion for flatland skimboarding.  I had never seen or heard of flatland skimboarding, but it reminds me of a combination of skimboarding and skateboarding, with a skateboarding/wakeboarding culture feel.  With that, the organization had a small, man-made water lane with a ramp for organization boarders to demonstrate their mad skimboarding skillz.  Joining the organization was VODA Beverages, a new health-drink provider in the area.  They offered event attendee samples of their two new organic mineral enriched, purified water.  According to VODA representatives, VODA was tested on professional athletes, proving the drink to be the perfect pre, during, and recovery workout drink.  I tried the VODA Black; it looked like Coke, so I was expecting a sweet tasting, carbonated beverage.  Instead, it tasted exactly like water.  According to representatives, the dark, Coke-like dark caramel color is, “due to humic acid properties;” their beverages are perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

After tearing our eyes away from Skim to Live’s demonstration, we found ourselves in Gallery M Squared.  We were enamored by the interesting, eclectic art pieces the gallery had to offer.  The gallery itself was arranged in an interesting way; the back end was filled with captivating lighting and music.  It made us all wonder why we had never been there.

I can’t deny you BDL.

We were also lucky to run into our friends at Happy Endings food truck (@HappyEndingsHTX).  And, of course, we happily braved the lives of our oh-so-white clothes for the deliciousness that is a Happy Endings dog.  I don’t know how it’s possible, but somehow their food gets even more scrumptious every time we eat there.  And, OMGAWD, they’ve updated their menu.  Ryan and Emily added several new topping combinations for customers to choose for either their Happy Ending dogs or hamburgers, a new food option at the food truck.  These include the following:

  • The Kelly: Avocados, crushed chips, and drizzled lemon juice.
  • Queso: Creamy queso with a spicy kick.
  • The 13614-179: Kimchi, sweet soy sauce, and seaweed.
  • The Yamate: Spicy cucumbers, kimchi, and sweet soy sauce.
  • The Maui Wowwie: Cheddar cheese, pineapple, teriyaki sauce, all recommended on a burger.

And, of course, we can’t forget about their recent Sumo French Fries addition, which consist of steak fries with kosher salt, black and white sesame seeds, nori bites, Japanese mayo, and sriracha.

Then, even with our bellies full, we trucked on to Kona Ice.  This sno-cone food truck offers customers some 42 homemade flavors.  Some of their flavors are on-tap, allowing customers of all sizes to make their own sno-cone combinations, right off of the truck.  It was the perfect treat for a warm summer night; we all felt fully refreshed after we ate our custom sno-cones.