What better way to spend a nice Saturday than drinking margaritas at Discovery Green? When I first heard of this event, all I can think of was what a great way to end summer/begin fall, so let’s see how the inaugural Houston Margarita Fest was; the good and bad. 

Houston sure does love their alcohol. You could immediately tell by the sheer amount of people, it wasn’t packed but it was plenty crowded.

The scenery was pretty spectacular, I may be a bit biased since I do love this city. Let me paint you a picture with my imagination brush. Having used to work at a building facing Disco Green, I’ve always thought it was such a great venue: Sort of open, but you don’t forget you’re in the heart of our city. There were lots of smiling faces at the festival; friends having a good time in the pleasant weather, it wasn’t too sunny with a subtle amount of wind. Stage was pumping out music from local talent and the lawn filled with people taking it all in, there was even a little dancing. The atmosphere was laid back and everyone was having a good time.


What a way to have a bachelorette party!

Not everything went quite so well. A key issue, I would say, was that due to the large crowds there were less than ideal wait times for drink tickets, not to mention the wait for actual drinks. With that I’ll give me take on the situation. What have you done perfectly on your first try? Let’s leave out all negativity and actually contribute some constructive criticism with suggestions. This was a way to learn and from the crowd. It was generally positive; people were still having a great time. I’m sure next year’s event will be bigger and better, but for their first initial effort they gave it the good ‘ol college try and when people have a good time all around that’s all that matters.


David Huynh