It’s that time of year again, and that means it’s time to indulge in our inner foodie. While we attend a lot of these events, there’s always something new on their menu so we never get tired. The lovely folks over at Food & Vine Time Productions (thanks Debra and Clifton) invited us back again to make our lives a bit easier and put all these food trucks in one place for us. Held over the weekend of March 23 & 24 the West Loop campus parking lot of HCC was transformed into what looked like a traffic jam of food trucks, vendor booths, a stage for live music, and a tent for the Beer and Wine garden.




Walking around seeing all the happy people hanging with their friends enjoying their food made us happy, it was a sight to be seen. Nearly every truck had a huge line to accompany it, employees smiling and taking orders was such a warm sight to see. This is why they started their trucks, to break away from the conventional restaurant molds and to get out there and make creative dishes to serve to eager customers.





Toward the end of the first day, I got to see a side of the food truck community I don’t normally notice as I stayed behind a bit. Even though exhausted, everyone was meeting up from the different food trucks asking one another how they did and joking around, I really do love the close knit community they have built. So there we have it,  a great weekend, filled with a great community and great food, what a fantastic way to spend a weekend.



Hey, it’s our BFFs!



Happy Ending’s fries are heaven sent.

And we of course were hanging with our awesome friends Happy Endings HTX



One new truck we haven’t see was Pocket To Me


On the left, Chicken Salad Pocket. Right, Houstonian

Had the pleasure of trying Pocket To Me, since I am attempting (keyword here) to eat healthier, the chicken salad pocket was a refreshing change of pace.


By the way! We have had a majority of the food trucks here in Houston, so feel free to hit us up on twitter or facebook if you want some recommendations! We are always happy to help!


Thanks again to Debra @  Food & Vine Time Productions for allowing us to cover the event!

Click here for the comprehensive list of food trucks in attendance at the festival.

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David Huynh