400 different craft beers in an indoor air-conditioned  venue right by the ocean. Of course you’d find me there!



The beer was flowing from all directions  with an array of the best ingredients and flavors you could ever imagine out in Galveston Island. From local, to new up and coming breweries from around the state and nation, even some from around the other side of the world. They had plenty of great volunteers and reps who were  friendly and eager to pour and educate. I never had to stand in line for more than just a few minutes. Most importantly, they had bathrooms that were clean and I did not have to wait in line for.

The  art of crafting beer is something I am passionate about and am learning more about along the way. I promise I’ll keep my day job and leave the crafting to the pros.

Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival, this year you absolutely topped the previous years.  Big thank you to Food & Vine Time Productions for putting together such a fantastic event for us beer lovers. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2014!







Article written by Irais Portillo

Photos by Vic Portillo