Being a car enthusiast at heart, I must admit, I have never gone to an all muscle car showcase before. I was expecting to walk into a room that smelled like rust, but as I stepped foot inside the enormous George R. Brown facility full of cars, I became a 12yr old boy pointing at every car I saw because the quality of cars kept increasing.

Autorama did an amazing job organizing this event. Walking through the room it became fun, it wasn’t just a display of muscle cars, it was more than that. From small shops selling vintage items, car parts, even bicycles, and not to mention a large selection of hot wheels, time just sort of flew by.


Along side the shops, I got to see a large selection of cars from the very classic Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, and Firebird, I also got to see some of my favorite supercars like the Ford –GT and Ferrari California, and lets not forget about the low-riders and hotrods that were present. This was definitely a must-see show to attend. If not for the cars, at least for the beautiful pin up models that drew in a massive crowd around the stage!





The highlight of the show personally was getting a chance to meet Eleanor. She was a very classy lady dressed in her infamous dark silver paint with a black racing stripe. The 1967 Ford Mustang is simply astounding. The craftsmanship of this vehicle was years ahead of its time. Aside from how beautiful this car was, the cherry on top was on the passenger side dashboard; it was signed by none other than Mr. Carroll Shelby himself. Thanks again Autorama for having us!


-Juan G.