Christmas time is here and we were once again invited to the annual Houston Tweet Drive. It was great seeing fellow Houstonians gathering for a great cause, and also organizations and companies such as Signet Interactive,, and Adhere Creative. My personal favorite, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, was also there serving free drinks to keep the social party going. Music was provided by local artist Category 9, and Yello Echo. Not to mention there was delicious food right outside by Bernie’s Burger Bus.


Saint Arnold's Christmas Ale & Lawnmower

Saint Arnold’s Christmas Ale & Lawnmower

As the evening carried on, a free raffle went on to those who donated, which none of us here at were fortunate enough to have a winning ticket, maybe next time. I’ll be more than happy to attend this event once again next year. Good fun, good crowd, good cause.




This year’s toy donations all went to Child Advocates, Inc. who mobilizes court appointed volunteers to break the vicious cycle of child abuse. For more information please visit





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