A little bit of chicken fried and cold beer on a Sunday night. That was me last Sunday with a plate of stacked, greased-up fried chicken deliciousness, pounding down complimentary Saint Arnold’s Summer Pils beer. We live in the South- who doesn’t love some fried chicken (well, fried anything really)? Three of Houston’s well known chefs (Mark Holley of soon-to-open Holley’s, Randy Evans of Haven, and Steve Marques of BRC) duked it out to see who was the top fried chicken contender of our wonderful city, benefiting Lucky Dog Rescue. The greatest part about the contest was that the people feasting were the judges.



Everyone’s creation was great, but Mark Holley’s fried chick had a hint of spice that evidently out-taloned the competition.

Sweet child of mine..

Sweet child of mine..

Last, but absolutely not least, was Corner Table’s pastry chef Alyssa Dole baking up a delicious dessert that paired quite well with the fried chicken. Something as simple as an Angel Food Cake ended up being arguably one of the best cakes I’ve had in quite some time, and I tend to eat cake more often than I’d like to admit. The angel food cake was topped with brown and coconut sugar and fresh Gundermann Farm strawberries alongside a scoop of Balsamic Coconut Swirl ice cream. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe this sweet concoction.

Big thanks to Haven for hosting this event and congrats to everyone who competed!


Vic P