Summer is right around the corner and we welcomed the heat by enjoying our favorite beers at this year’s Houston Beer Festival. This year was a little different compared to last year’s festival. The event was split into two days rather than one, the layout was different, and different bands were involved. The area was a bit larger this year so you didn’t have to fight your way from one end to another.


Beer Fest 2014


There were beer tents in every direction, and believe me, there was beer to match everyone’s taste. With over 300 beers, it would be impossible to not find a brew that matched your palate.


Beer Fest 2014


And what’s a great festival without music? With over 40 performances throughout the day it kept the drinking vibe going. I had but one complaint: the heat. But after 6 beers, I forgot what heat was. Thank you Houston for giving us a great time, and for that, we raise our cup to you. Cheers.







Photos by: Stephan Espinoza